Tips for the groom on his wedding day

Gentlemen – you need to plan ahead!

• This may seem obvious, but remember your socks! Far too many grooms get married without socks and it can sometimes be seen on photographs.

• If you usually have your head shaven don’t do it on the day of your wedding or you will look bald or shiny on photographs. Have your head shaved at least one week prior to your wedding to allow time for some of it to grow back.

• As with the ladies – if you have new shoes then take the labels off the sole before your wedding day.

• Your buttonhole is traditionally worn on your left lapel – whichever side you prefer, ensure that you and your ushers all wear their buttonholes on the same side.

Make sure you eat a good breakfast on your wedding day morning as late as possible, you also need to drink plenty of fluids especially if it’s going to be very hot. Lack of fluids and food can spoil your wedding day as you will find that as the day progresses you will burn off calories and fluid very quickly.

The most important thing for both bride and groom is to forget about everybody else on the day and enjoy your wedding day! The planning is complete and it’s time to have a great day. Whatever happens you need to take it in your stride – don’t dwell on minor mishaps, but laugh at them and enjoy yourself. Never lose sight of the reason you are there – to become husband and wife.


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