10 things… Every bride should have on her wedding day

1. A ‘right hand man’ (RHM)

Your RHM doesn’t have to be a man: more likely it’s your chief bridesmaid or wedding planner . Whichever lucky soul has been nominated for the role will be in charge of sorting all of the little problems which crop up on the day (read: making sure you don’t have to deal with any of them).

2. Kirby grips

Whether you’re rocking a twirly-whirly up ‘do or a slick bun, kirby grips are a must. Regardless of your hairdresser’s skill, or the amount of hairspray let loose all over your bonce: the wind, dancing and excessive hugging mean a few pesky wisps are bound to break free. Classically, whenever you need a Kirby grip you can never find them – so make sure you bring double, nay, triple supplies so as to make sure you can avoid any tendril dramas.

3. An evening dress

Even if you’re planning to wear your wedding dress all day long, it’s worth shopping around for a glamorous evening dress you also love, and having it to hand for the reception. That way, in a wedding dress emergency, you can whip it off and emerge resplendent in your backup gown like you’d planned it all along. If you don’t use it, you can always return it, or keep it for the honeymoon.

4. Waterproof mascara

If you cry regularly (over films, cute animals, spilt milk etc.) you probably already own a good waterproof mascara, but if not, it’s a sound investment for your wedding day. Emotions run high throughout the day and the champagne will be flowing freely, which can leave the bride feeling overwhelmed and dewy-eyed. Avoid those mascara streaks with Volum’ Express The Colossal by Maybelline.

5. The right deodorant

Test this well in advance of the big day, and bear in mind your regular deodorant might not cut the mustard where delicate white dresses are concerned. Opting for strapless? Don’t use anything which leaves powdery white marks, and, if you have sleeves, don’t use a deoderant which might rub off and leave patches on the material. When you’ve found something which works for you, apply liberally. After all, a nervous bride is a sweaty bride…

6. A needle and thread

…And someone who can use a needle and thread. Useful for all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions; after all, a stitch in nine does save time (or so we hear). If cousin Kate has put on a few pounds since the last bridesmaid dress fitting and popped all the buttons off of her gown, enter your nimble fingered seamstress to save the day.

7. Flat shoes

You’re probably in love with your gorgeous new bridal heels: white, encrusted with jewels and even red-soled! *Moment of reverential Louboutin silence.* “I’m never taking them off, ever!” you cry. But by the end of the night you will almost certainly change your mind in favour of busting your moves on the dancefloor. 

8. Suncream

Even if you’re getting married in the UK where the forecast is usually grey with a generous sprinkling of cloud, it’s still worth packing a decent SPF in the warmer months. What’s white, red and wed all over? An embarrassed bride who forgot to apply sun cream, stood outside for pictures all day long, and now has lace tan lines to even out on her honeymoon. See what we did there…?

9. Snacks

Jeez, looking fabulous all day long is hungry work, isn’t it? Keep some of your favourite snacks on hand to keep you going in between meals. We’d avoid anything with barbeque sauce…

10. Practical undies

With their strapless, backless, illusion neckline tendencies, a wedding dress is not your run of the mill outfit. Don’t assume your ol’ faithful nude bra will suffice on the day – and if you invest in a new strapless bra, don’t forget to give it a test run before the big day. Forget sexy first night lingerie in daylight hours; there’s always time for a quick change later. Seamless pants are the way forward with slinky dresses, or a whacking great pair of control pants. Think Bridget Jones does bridal.


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